January 31, 2019

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AMHP jobs UK

What does ‘AMHP’ mean?

The AMHP is a short word for Approved Mental Health Professional. It was introduced to the UK by the Mental Health Act’s amendment in 2007, replacing the ASW – approved social worker.

Although these two terms are relatively similar, there are some differences between them. Namely, the AMHP is a bit wider term which doesn’t go by the assumption of the ‘social worker exclusiveness’ any more.

Basically, if you’ve heard the term AMHP it means that you’re from the United Kingdom, since that’s the only place where it is called like that.

Who can become an AMHP?

Although the amendment has somewhat made that this role is accessible to a wider variety of professionals, not everyone can become an AMHP.

This role is still reserved to the health-care professionals, such as mental health nurses, professional therapists, and every registered psychologist. The only additional requirement is that a post-qualifying master 7 NQF training be undertaken.

What is a job of a approved mental health professional?

The main job of an AMHP is  basically to coordinate and evaluate the individual’s assessment – individuals who were considered for special treatment by the Mental Health Act need to be ‘assessed’ so as to avoid excessive and sometimes unnecessary medicalisation of the individual.

So, what’s the difference between an AMHP and, for instance, head doctor? The AMHP coordinates the individual’s assessment into the special system when the head doctor approves it.

Additionally, there’s one more job that an AMHP worker needs to the best of his or her ability – safeguarding.

Basically, safeguarding means ‘to preserve the best interests’.  An AMHP needs to protect and preserve the privileges and rights of any and all patients, which can put a lot of stress on both parties by a long shot.

That means that you’ll have to be a stable person with plenty of structure under your feet. Even if you’ve read hundreds of books on mental disorders and saw thousands of patients during your internship, being a psychologist and a ‘friend’ is what is called for here as well.

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AMHP jobs at SWLocums

Becoming an AMHP can’t be considered as a promotion or demotion of sorts. This line of work is ‘needed’ in these modern times, and though the paycheck might be better or worse than that of a regular social worker, this is a job which requires numerous skills and traits.

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