July 22, 2018

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Benefits of Using a Portfolio App for Students

Keeping track of and organizing your child’s schoolwork, projects, and art is extremely time-consuming and at times, overwhelming. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and widespread applications, have your child create a portfolio that is truly their own to share with you and teachers in a classroom setting.

What is a Portfolio App?

Portfolio apps help to create visually-stunning and easily-accessible portfolios of various types of work (from papers to drawings and paintings created in real life). Portfolio apps make it easier than ever to upload photographs, drawings, or even videos that are recorded in real-time and saved to your child’s library.

Benefits of Using a Portfolio App

Children who use a portfolio app gain instant access to all of their schoolwork, art, and other files they wish to save in one location. Once schoolwork has been uploaded and approved by a teacher, parents are then able to encourage their children using the app’s communication tools and features. Never miss an opportunity to share in your child’s growth when using a digital portfolio app that is accessible from any location with a connection to the internet.

Eliminate clutter and waste by uploading files and other works to the cloud to make student portfolio pages. While you may save artwork and other large projects of your child as sentimental memorabilia, it is nearly impossible to save each and every assignment they have completed in the classroom. With a digital portfolio app, avoid feeling guilty when clearing the clutter from your home by still maintaining access to a digital overview of all of the hard work your child has done.

Simplistic Log-In

Regardless of your child’s age, it is possible to quickly login to a portfolio app by scanning a designated QR code provided for classrooms and parents. Teachers are able to assist students with logging in and also have a similar method of logging in using smartphones or tablet devices.

Help Teachers and Parents Stay Connected

It is not always easy to maintain an ongoing relationship with your child’s teacher, especially if your child’s classroom typically includes anywhere from 30 to 40 children simultaneously. Using a portfolio app, connect and communicate with your child’s teacher while following along with lesson plans that are currently taught in the classroom. Learn more about the topics and subjects that are being discussed while gaining insight into how your child responds to various types of artwork and projects uploaded using the portfolio app. Watch your child grow and progress with skills they are learning through the years by accessing all of their files and uploads in one central location.

Implementing the use of a portfolio app is extremely beneficial for students, parents, and teachers alike. When you want to see your child’s progress with art, writing, and other subjects but simply do not have the time to organize their files, portfolio apps are optimal solutions. Portfolio applications help keep students, teachers, and parents connected at all times without ever missing an opportunity to see your child grow.