July 9, 2018

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Fascinating Facts You Should Know About Welding Careers

Welding is a challenging but exciting profession. Here are some incredible facts about welding careers.

You don’t need a College Degree

Welding is a highly technical field, but the exciting thing about it is that you can become a welder and earn good pay without a college degree. Welders only require certifications, and you can receive one in under nine months and start earning good pay while contributing to the growth of the economy. You require a certificate to qualify for a skill level. All you have to do is pass a practical welding test, and that’s all.

Multiple Career Paths

Perhaps, the number of welding careers across different industries is the highest in the technical-related profession. The reason for this is simple- almost every industry requires the services of skilled welders. There are endless career opportunities in the welding profession; you only need to acquire advanced certifications to qualify for higher paying jobs. Welder careers are available in engineering, inspection, sales, education, manufacturing, robotics, aviation, project management, tourism, transportation, agriculture, and others. All you need is more schooling, and you are good to go.

Travel the World

Welding careers offer an unprecedented opportunity to travel and see the world because welders are needed for highly specialized projects all over the world. From the depths of the ocean to the surface of water bodies, on land, and in space, welders are working across the globe to deliver humanity’s most spectacular projects to make our world a better place for all. Some welders live practically on the road as they travel from one place to another where their services are needed. It’s a life of adventure and service, the life of a welder.


Shipbuilding and Repairs

Supertankers, monster container ships, Titanic-scale luxury cruisers, superyachts and nuclear-powered aircraft carriers all have something in common-welders. Welders are indispensable to the shipbuilding industry as they are required for the most important part of the job. Whether as independent contractors or working for a welding company, you can earn a good living while travelling from one port to another as a skilled welder. The demands of the shipbuilding and repair industry can see you working for a few days to many years depending on the scope and complexity of the work. It’s a great way to experience the world.

Work with the Military

If you have a daring spirit, welding can open up a career in the military. Militaries all over the world need welders for equipment fabrication, building field infrastructure, outfitting and retrofitting military vehicles among others. This type of welding work can see you working at your home base or far away in hotspots where your military or company is active.

Pipeline Installation

It’s easy to forget the painstaking effort it takes to deliver basic utilities to our homes, and for that, we owe the welder a lot of thanks. Wherever pipeline installation or repairs are taking place, you will always find welders. This can be as short as a few meters in the city center, or thousands of miles into the jungle, swamp, ice, and the depths of the sea across borderlines and continents.

With welding, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. You can be part of world-changing engineering infrastructure projects and see the world while earning a living.