May 23, 2018

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Five Tips for a Great Telephone Interview

With so much demand for jobs it is becoming more and more common for employers to arrange telephone interviews with applicants’ before inviting them in for official interviews. With this in mind it is more important than ever before for people to be prepared for the chance of a telephone interview when they apply for roles. Luckily for all today we are here to provide some great telephone interviews tips that people can adopt in order to succeed.

When involved in a telephone interview applicants should try to come across as confident and professional, following the below tips that have been provided by a leading rec2rec agency:

Smile and be confident – One of the greatest ways to appear happy and confident is by smiling. This may sound a little silly to you seen as though the interviewers cannot see the applicant over a phone interview, but smiling has in fact been proven to make voices sound happier and friendlier.  Simply by relaxing and smiling people can appear positive and confident over the phone, and it really doesn’t take that much effort to smile either.

Be professional – When in a physical interview of course we all know to act professional, however this can be a little harder when at home in our own comfort zones. When having a telephone interview you should not be slumped on the sofa, instead you should find a nice quiet room that does not have any distractions; this will allow you to focus completely on the interview. Some people even choose to go as far as wearing their interview clothes for telephone interviews to put them in a professional mind-set.

Speak clearly – Employers always look for applicants that are good communicators, so it is important to speak clearly at all times whilst ensuring the signal is good. It can be a good idea to practice possible interview questions with a friend beforehand so that they can tell you whether you are being clear enough. Another good tip is to stand up whilst talking; this can allow people to come across more effectively.

Be prepared – When having a telephone interview you need to make sure that you are prepared, having all of the documents that you could possibly need in front of you. A couple of the things that you must have at hand include your CV and a copy of your application and covering letter. Having these in front of you will allow you to reference the information that you have already provided and let you be ready for if the interviewer asks you about anything that you have already mentioned. Not only this, but you should ensure that you phone battery is fully charged.

Listen – Listening is key. Employers do not want to employ people that do not listen – it really is as simple as that. When the interviewer is talking you should listen careful and you should not interrupt them. You should wait for them to finish talking before answering questions and responding.