June 1, 2018

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How PA Recruitment Agencies Work in London

Every company or organization requires staff for both administration and support. The PA Recruitment Agencies London deals with recruiting the same. They have specialized in hiring personnel and executive assistants who include; team, banking, legal and property secretaries; HR, desk, finance, marketing, administration, audio and entry-level office assistants; receptionists and office managers. Unlike most companies which look at people’s CV’s, they choose to deal with the people instead. They, therefore, offer consultancy services to people looking for opportunities be it temporary, a contract or permanent.

They work with any business size in any industry. They have had clients in various sectors including insurance, legal, telecommunications, technology, financial services, media, non-profit charitable organizations, publishing, property, sales, reinsurance, third sector, retail, project management, management consultancy, public relations, international, luxury brands and marketing. They work with the clients based on their employee requirements to identify the best candidate for the job.

The agency works with both clients and candidates. For clients looking for staff, direct exclusive instructions at a discounted rate are preferred as the agency gives the client the best service. For the candidates, once they have read the roles that the agency recruits for and get to know the amount of experience required, they send their CV’s which are read and analysed after which potential candidates are taken through a process to ensure they are the best fit for a given job.

PA Recruitment agencies London have a whole process of selecting and matching clients and candidates. For the Clients:

  • Clients identify a vacancy in their business that needs filling.
  • The Agency is contacted to have a discussion.
  • The Agency’s consultant goes to the client’s office for an in-depth briefing evaluating the roles of the candidate and the time frame for producing a shortlist.
  • The Agency then creates a short list and plans for interviews.
  • The interviews are conducted, and candidate’s feedback relayed to the clients to get their feedback too.
  • Based on the clients’ feedback, a second interview conducted by the clients is scheduled, and the candidates provide feedback to the Agency.
  • The client and the Agency consultant then discuss the candidate’s offer and communicate it to them then seek their verbal acceptance.
  • An agreement on the starting date is agreed on, and a contract signed.

For the Candidates:

  • Once they have identified the agency, a registration meeting is set to discuss the person’s CV, personality, experience, and skills as well as the suitable opportunities for them.
  • The candidates’ information is then put on the database so that they can be contacted in case a match is found.
  • They are then briefed on company details and all they need to know before going for an interview with the clients.
  • If the clients hire them, it’s a celebration, if not, the agency will still help them look for another job.

PA recruitment London maintains regular contact with both the clients and the candidates thus building a long-lasting relationship with them because they believe in finding the best people for the job.