February 18, 2019

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MAH CET 2019 Best Preparation Tips

MAH CET or Maharashtra Common Entrance Test is one of the toughest considered tests in the state of Maharashtra for the state level MBA exam. According to the records, there are lacks of students who take MAH CET each year, but not a major chunk that qualifies the test. The core concept behind the MAH CET competitive test is to get the opportunity to study in the best grade MBA institutes in the states of Maharashtra. A successful scorecard of MAH CET makes the way easier to achieve the most premium success as a management student in every dimension if the candidate further pursues it from a good business school.

But for attending this test, the major concerns that panic a candidate’s mind is the preparation part. Many want to pass it with or above 90-99 percentile of marks, which can be considered a scholarly mark in MAH CET. Because if you can only score that much, then only it’s possible to get quality colleges, otherwise there is no point of taking this test. MAH CET is purely a quality oriented and needs the finest range of critical ability to achieve the milestone of wanted marks in this test. Now for those students, who are in a dilemma in terms of the preparation, we have something value adding for you. Just have a glance over our tips and tricks, if you also want to achieve only the pass marks in MAH CET.

Exam Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH CET)
Exam Mode Online
Total Duration 150 minutes
Question Types MCQ’s
Options Given per Question 5
Exam type State Level PG
Validity of MAH CET Score Card 1 year
Conducting Body DTE Maharashtra
Colleges Accepting CET score 400 colleges


Tips and Tricks:

Friends, we will not give you an overnight dose that after reading it once you will have the capability to get brilliant marks. The total procedure and function of appearing such a quality test will be same, but the way of getting it to be done will be pretty easier if you follow them.

Be Aware of the Absolute Syllabus – What you get in MAH CET?

  • Don’t study out of syllabus! MAH CET always stands with a very straight cut and sophisticated syllabus. Have a gist of the full syllabus, make sure to have effective communication with the concerned guide to master the topics and only focus on those concerns which importantly appear in the test.
  • There are lots of subjects, as well as plenty of syllabuses for them. But to score best, you need to go with detailing. In the initial stage, all you need is to prepare your own time schedule, like 2 hours every day for like 2 subjects, and likewise for the others interchangeably in the other weekdays. Now, you just spend a maximum 6 hours a day behind MAH CET preparation, and focus on the burning issues, at the end of the day, you are well prepared and good to go.
  • Being a graduate, you will gradually have the basic skills and abilities in the subjects of it. So don’t need to become so panic! Try to develop your basic attributes, this is important for such tests.
  • Read only those things which are new for you, and matters which you already have been with, just be in touch with it.
  • Such exams are critical, but if you are smart enough and clear with your subjects’ concepts, then getting a good grade to become easy.

Choose The Right Book To Follow:

  • Always try to be with standard textbooks! Following poorly writer, and least researched books will generally not enhance your inner abilities and you may end up wasting your time reading those. So, you need to select those books which are ideal for MAH CET. For passing, MAH CET having a decent book will completely grow your confidence.
  • Try to consider quality books for each subject, because whether you just want to pass, but still you have to be aware of the exam functions.

Be Familiar with short Mathematical Rules:

Hope you know there are hundreds of short methods, for solving the big length math. You better spend some time like 30 minutes in 3 days and learn those methods for taking less solving time in the exam.

Prepare Your Time Strategy:

According to the survey done over students for MAH CET, it has been analyzed, a brilliant student takes about 6-7 months to clear all the subject concerns and making him/her capable enough to crack MAH CET. SO remember to schedule your daily routine for each subject.

Take Frequent Tests:

High time recalling, revision, preparing short notes and all is not that vitally important for you. You better focus on frequent sample MAH CET test papers which are easily available in the market, by which your abilities will get polished and the chances of being passed will get bigger.