December 31, 2017

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Online Training Resources to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Web design is undoubtedly a daunting prospect. Certain acronyms and new techniques appearing almost every day can further make it confusing and scary for some professionals as well. Are you interested to hone your web design skills? If yes, you must not worry as you can seek the help of certain easy-to-understand training resources available on the web. There are varied approaches to website design training- some free, some paid, some based on videos and texts and some interactive. To make things even easier for you to comprehend, we’ve compiled the list of some effectual training resources that can help you to enhance your skills.

  • W3Schools

W3Schools offers the steady progression of certain interactive tutorials which explains everything in simple language. You can even play with the markup live on website.

  • Opera Curriculum

People working at the renowned Opera browser maintain this free as well as comprehensive resource that introduces the fundamentals of web standards and web design.  Like W3Schools, this resource is based on ordinary text. However, the writing is easy to follow and lively as well.

  • Treehouse

Treehouse is the popular video-based service that provides top-notch web design training in CSS and HTML. This resource charges subscription for the services. also offers wide-ranging video tutorials that teach individuals the best way to design the websites. The other training resources that have attained huge popularity these days include Codecademy, Webdesigntuts+, Code School’s, CSS-Tricks, Code Racer etc.