March 27, 2018

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Tools Used to Embed Instagram Feed Effectively on Your Website

Instagram is a highly-acclaimed application that is growing in popularity by the day. With the growing popularity of Instagram, numerous users began exploring ways to download Instagram images, or download the online feed viewer, and embed Instagram timeline effectively within their own websites. Here are a few notable and trustworthy tools for embedding Instagram feed effectively on your site.

The significance of website design in the current business scenario simply cannot be overlooked. A high-performance website would be going much beyond the aesthetic features. If you are intending to reach effectively your target audience, you must come up with a nicely designed and functional website. Today numerous brands have integrated Instagram successfully into their unique web design. Of course, this has been instrumental in making their campaigns successful. Here are some of the tools they are using.

Instagram Official Embedding

When you have embedded a feed successfully into your website, it would be implying that you have started to capitalize on the true power of the photo-centric platform called the Instagram. Instagram developers have provided the capability of effectively embedding the feed and separating photo posts to your precise WordPress account and on your website. Use proper tools to boost Instagram followers.


Instush is quite a handy tool with a host of distinctive features for a truly active Instagram user. Today you could successfully create wallpapers using Instagram images for your screen, Facebook & Twitter covers. You could choose from any one of the mind-blowing 14 kinds of Instagram gallery patterns that you could embed on your website. Additionally, with the help of Instush, you could be choosing pictures from not only the feed, but you could also select precise accounts, hashtags, and even liked pictures. You may learn the tricky business of photo embedding from this tool’s tutorial. Remember that your account has to be public for publishing your Instagram gallery.


This service comprises of multiple remarkable widgets. Each one of these widgets would be differing from one another in terms of not only design but also by certain special features. There would be widgets allowing filtering using the username, incorporating photo location map, generating slideshows with the help of picked photos, making an effective scrolling header and numerous other options to embed from Instagram and also Twitter.


Juicer is an absolutely helpful service for the purpose of embedding posts effectively from a social media platform on your site. Instagram is supposed to be just the tip of your iceberg. Thanks to Juicer, you would never again require updating the embedded codes. You could be setting Juicer for auto-uploading and embedding brand new Instagram posts. You may simultaneously add social media accounts, as well as, your tags, or effortlessly delete posts. Juicer delivers a host of required functions wrapped nicely in a sophisticated and minimalistic package.


If you are looking forward to organically and quickly grow your own Instagram account with no bots, it is highly recommended to use Combin tool. This is a nice tool that comes free.