February 13, 2019

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What is it that an accounting intern actually does?

There are students who want to find out whether accounting is the line which they should take up. They want to find out if accounting is something which they want to pursue as a career, so on and so forth. In order to find out more about that line that they are possibly going to take up, they can start with something which is known as an accounting internship. This is a temporary position.

An accounting internship is a way for them to understand the field by being in the field and taking up the work in the real world. The accounting internships based in Australia is entry-level positions. In short, these are positions in which the students work with certified accounting firms, and during the period of internship, the persons doing the internship understands the duties as well as responsibilities of an accountant.

Work was undertaken by an accounting intern

The work undertaken by an accounting intern is :

  1. General clerical work – they need to file documents, pull up files of clients for the Accountants who need these files for meeting up with clients.
  2. Data entry work – they do data entry work, and they need to familiarize themselves with bookkeeping as well as accounting software
  3. General tasks – they do task such as photocopying of documents as well as answering calls and organizing the work area.
  4. Audits – They assist accountants in audits. They scrutinize the financial documents of the clients. They check accuracy levels and then report the findings. They check for errors in the records.
  5. Financial report preparation – interns also are needed to prepare different kinds of financial reports for the clients.
  6. Teamwork and communication – They learn teamwork and communicating with peers, clients, managers, and partners of the accounting firm.