May 9, 2018

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What to Expect When You Become a Cannabis Extraction Technician

One of the newest cannabis jobs is that of the Cannabis Extraction Technician. This position requires extensive demonstrable experience in organic chemistry, with proficiency in the use of solvents which contain hydrocarbons. This is quite an advanced position, so it is vitally important that the technician is able to adhere not only to safety requirements, but also to quality requirements. Because of the level of skill involved, wages in this area are quite high, with many positions offering six figure salaries.

In order to become employed in the cannabis sector, you will need to have some sort of work experience in the industry or training which shows you can adapt your knowledge into the field of cannabis. Some companies may even look for Technicians who possess a Ph.D, such is the level of skill required.

Despite the high level of entry, competitions for jobs is high, partly due to the large financial incentives on offer. The industry is also growing at an exponential rate, so organic chemists are looking to this sector and want to get involved.

When browsing for Cannabis Extraction Technician job openings, you will quickly realise that the daily tasks of a Technician will vary from company to company, but they will all have a high degree of responsibility. It is common for Technicians to work totally independently, which involves preparing the equipment for use, as well as the materials, before carrying out the extraction process. The Technician may be involved in the packing process, as well as the production process. You will notice that maintaining cleanliness in the lab is a key requirement of the job, so it is essential you do this so as not to compromise the quality of the product.

It is generally understood that in order to be a Master Grower, you will need a degree in Horticulture or Botany. To be an Extraction Technician, a degree in Organic Chemistry is desired. Because of this, universities have seen a rise in the number of people applying for an organic chemistry degree, and using this degree as a pathway to the Extraction Technician’s position.

With the rise in concentrates expected to grow, there has never been a better time to become involved in the industry.  There has been a marked movement from the cannabis flower to dabs, which spells good news for the Extraction Technicians.

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