June 15, 2018

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Why WeChat is the King of Marketing in China ?

When Tentain first started a whitle in January 2011, no one was predicted that naked bones, mobile only one messenger was from the geography of an eCommerce and social media for just five years.

In the past half decade, China’s former social media giants used to live in the shade of the Vatican. Rennon, “China’s Facebook” has seen its pricing in the fifth part of 2013, because consumers blocked more prominent apps. And watch, as long as unusually unusual, since we have fallen on the basis of large groups of VAT.

What lesson can we learn from the increase of WeChat? In order to find, we need to roll the 2010-year-old yearly clock, when messaging apps in the world of SMS texts were new.

From Kik to Ling

WeChat is a unique, innovative platform today that is easy to forget that actually the Chinese is going to respond. According to the New York Times, a few years ago, Tentent R & D’s head, Ellen Zhang, established the first-eight development team after “Encouraging Humble Messenger”, which he has shown that in the end Tencent Mighty, PC-Based QQ Instant Messenger. ”

The companies failed to see that China was the biggest war in the mobile revolution.

The first version of the vetace was released at the beginning of 2011, a message between AP messaging app. As mobile users grew bored and frustrated by SMS limits, a new type of app sprinkled around the globe.

Cook, Voice and Weber started all 2010, and we saw the roll over the globe globally on WeChat, Line, and Facebook. In China, a famous biography launched Melo, while many channel Internet users were logged more than just commenting on this news in twitter-ore visas.

“We had fought when we started. [But] Woob was not just good at official communication, so it left a big hole.” Says Sylvie Bowen, Managing Director of Chancellor, and in SOS Ventures. partner.

The app exploited this hole in China and was successful in achieving heavy market acquisition in 2011 and 2012.

WeChat was able to get out of our domestic competition by rolling the characteristics of the internal demands on an international schedule. Within a year, the app enhances its simple text / audio / image offer to add video messaging, a “shake” feature to find nearby users (in which to tender China’s initial answers One of the ones), and more.

If this legend was not enough on the local competition like Zinci and small start-up, WeChat was also able to take advantage of Tencent’s massive QQ user base. While other services require email addresses or phone numbers to be logged, WeChat only requires a QQ account – hundreds of millions of Chinese people already.

From the beginning of 2012, WeChat was 100 million registered users, and other Chinese messaging apps were already in the dust. But what about international competition?

Line Toe

Two important factors for keeping foreign messaging apps smaller in China – failure of government rule and failing to see companies were the biggest war in the mobile revolution.

The Facebook Messenger was never going to succeed in China – the whit was released until the social network was closed in China for several years.

Meanwhile, other than the Voice Apps and Cook spent most of the 2010 and 2011 in the traffic war in the US and other Western markets. Asia can be on their radar but it was not the top priority. And as an extension of the Facebook Messenger in Asia it may be a mistake.

“If any app in China can be successful, it should be a line”

“Where [go to Facebook] and the first player, he did well, but where he is trying to come as another player, he does not have a lot of luck.” William said that like Japan and Korea The line and markets of Caucasus Talk in markets mention the dominance. While people in these countries have lost the message by the US company, using Facebook for groups and social networking.

But it is more complex to succeed with the messaging app for a foreign firm in China that this country is more complex than possible users.

There is a social network running in China – especially a foreign company – is a very dangerous business. As of 2011, Government’s sensitivity devices have already banned the well-being of Facebook, Twitter, and others. Not a really comfortable news to think of a big investment in the country for any company.

If any chat can come into the app and Mainland can succeed in China, it is a good reason to think it will be a line. The app is popular in other Chinese language markets such as Taiwan and Singapore, and it includes many features that we are popular in the early days WeChat.

The line partnered with the Chinese Techwi Que for expanding its mainland, and drowned Leonenio at the end of 2012 and expelled the app’s specific version of the app. It was not the initial benefit (WeChat was already about 300 million users), but it was firmly in the central field – either he thought.

To live in good graves of China regulators, the line took place politically seriously on the China app in mid-2013. It was not enough. The line was first closed by great firefight in 2014. It had already encountered intercourse breaks, and its user base was small in the main field. But before that was Censor, it was too late for China to line up.

Next Stop: World

Regardless of China, regardless of China (some users report connectivity, others have blocked it), and other apps like cookie and vatsopages are accessible, they are small island in the ocean’s oceans. .

Tencent’s child eliminated mobile payments in 2013, and from there, it became more than the simplest way to talk to your friends for free. At that time the line was locked in China, WeChat users buy goods from e-commerce markets already, pay their friends and completely run completely completely web applications in the messenger. Could get help War ended, and White won.

If at a time when we could not be able to make China’s choice for China, it could have been at the end of 2011 or 2012. The market was still small, and various apps are still quite similar, that another player can be caught. The moment

“China is not ready for a size – all global services”

“If there is no restriction for foreign companies working in China, I think we do not have the WeChat Mighty Chat app because they have ended the game”. Tracks internet sensors in China. She uses a tailor.

Even if Facebook-like applications entered China’s initially and began to play well with the beginning of the country’s rules, it is difficult to see how someone loses their minds. The app is just Chinese. A dream for a foreign company to set up special preferences, strong mobile payments, ability to book ticket on country’s high-speed rail or pay your electricity bill – and much more. But it was easy for Tencent, which has been China’s social media wall from the beginning of the century.

China is not ready for a size – all global services. Users of this social app tend to exterminate foreign language – and awesome – features that will not make any special sense in other countries where mobile payment infrastructure and e-commerce markets are not developed.

There may be some such threats, but the growing number of WeChat is mostly a nominated success in Mainland China.

But are we Chinese? This question will be answered in the next five years as the company strives to expand abroad – and we will see that its power in translation can translate in China.

Source : MarketingtoChina